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An intercollegiate cultural fest hosted by cultural forum of the college in performing/literary/fine arts which provides a platform to the students to showcase their creativity and talents. Over the years, the festival has grown in number of events and participation making it as one of the most awaited fests amongst college students in Mumbai.



This is an annual inter collegiate science festival hosted by the faculty of Science. The objective of this festival is to develop scientific temperament amongst students through various activities related to science. Each department ( Chemistry, Botany, Physics, Maths, Zoology, IT and Computer Science) organize events related to their field of study. Some of the events organized are Crosswords, Puzzles, Sudoku, Olympiads, Exhibitions, Poster competitions etc.



This is a theme based inter- collegiate Commerce fest organized by Masterminds- The Commerce Association. Various events are organized with the objective of developing thinking, creative, communication, presentation and other soft skills amongst students. Management games and simulated events are conducted to achieve this objective.



This is an intercollegiate Management fest organized by BMS and BBI students to hone managerial skills amongst students, Management games and simulated events are conducted at Manzil.The department of BMS & BBI also has activity Clubs named Rendezvous and Amity respectively.



This is an annual inter-collegiate arts festival hosted by the faculty of Arts. Each department (Economics, English, History, Political Science & Sociology) under the arts faculty organize events to give students an opportunity to explore knowledge and also to exhibit their competencies in the respective field of study. Workshops, seminars, debates, Group discussions, quiz, simulated games, book reviews, Film screening and photography are the events hosted by students in this festival.



This is an intercollegiate fest organized by IQAC of the College for non-teaching staff across colleges in Mumbai. The objective of this fest is to provide a platform for non-teaching staff to interact, learn and grow in their work. Experiential modules are used by the resource persons to make the fest enjoyable and enriching.





Ashadi Ekadashi Utsav
(4th July 2017)
Inauguration of Solar Energy Project
(11th July 2017)
Inauguration of activities of Rendezvous & Amity Club
(15th July 2017)
Inauguration of activities of Cultural Forum
(18th July 2017)
Talent Search
(19th & 20th July 2017)