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National Education Society’s


Bhandup (West), Mumbai-400078.

Application form for Admission to B.M.S.  Programme

                N.B. 1) Fill all the columns carefully. Incomplete  form will not be accepted.

2) Wrong / False information, If provided, will lead to cancellation of admission.


Admission sought in ___________ year of B.M.S. during the academic year ______

1. name : Mr./Ms. _____________________________________________________________________

(IN BLOCK LETTERS)     Surname                        Name                      Father’s Name                      Mother’s Name

(As appeared in HSC Marksheet)

1. Present Address:                                                             3. Native Place Address : (For Long Journey Concession)

_______________________________                  _____________________________________________

_______________________________                  _____________________________________________

_______________________________                  _____________________________________________

Contact No. ______________________                              contact No. ____________________________________

4. Date of Birth _____________________ 5. Place of Birth _______________ 6. District ______________

7. State _______________ 8. Nationality ____________ 9. Caste _________ 10. Religion _____________ 11.  Mother Tongue ________________ 12. Adhar Card No. ____________________________________

13. Physically Challenged Yes/ No. If Yes, submit documentary proof for the same.

14. Do you belong to SC/ST/DT/NT/VJ NT/ OBC/ SBC  ?    Yes/No

(If Yes, submit documentary proof for the same for getting freeship/scholarship)

15. Do you belong to Muslim/Sikh/Boudh/Christian/Parsi/Jain/Maratha Community ? If yes put  (✓)

16. Subjects offered: (Tick : (✓)  Selected Subject)

              Class Compulsory Subject
First  Year Semester – I 1.1 Foundations Of Human Skills  1.2 Introduction To Financial Accounts  1.3 Business Law 1.4 Business Statistics  1.5 Business Communication 1.6 Principles Of Management 1.7 Introduction To Computers
First  Year Semester- II 2.1 Business Environment  2.2  Industrial Law 2.3 Computer Applications  In  Business 2.4 Managerial Economics-I  2.5 Business Mathematics 2.6 Introduction To Cost Accounting 2.7 Environmental Management
Second   Year Semester-III 3.1 Management Accounting 3.2 Managerial Economics-II 3.3 Marketing Management 3.4 Business Aspects In Banking & Insurance 3.5 Strategic Management 3.6 Production Management & Materials
Second  Year Semester-IV 4.1 Research Methods in Business 4.2 Direct & Indirect Taxes 4.3 Export Import Procedure And Documentation 4.4 Cooperative And Rural Markets 4.5 Productivity And Quality Management 4.6 Public  Relations  Management
Third  Year Semester-V 5.1 Human Resources Management 5.2 Service Sector Management 5.3 Financial Management 5.4 Elements Of Logistics & Supply Chain Management 5.5 Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility 5.6 Elective I / Special Studies In Marketing OR Special Studies In Finance 5.7  Project Work
Third  Year Semester-VI 6.1 Entrepreneurship & Management Of Small And Medium Enterprises 6.2 Operations Research 6.3 International Finance 6.4  Indian Management – Thoughts and Practices 6.5 International Marketing  6.6 Retail Management 6.7 Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management

17. Academic  Records (Attach Xerox Copies Of Marksheet)

Examination      Passed

Board/ University

Month & Year

Pass/ ATKT

Class/ Grade Obtained



F.Y.B.M.S  Sem I

                      Sem II

S.Y.B.M.S. Sem III

c. Occupation _________ d. Office Address _________________________________________________

__________________________________________________ e. Office Phone No. __________________

f. Adhar Card &  of Pan Card No. __________________________________________________________

g. Total annual income from all sources _____________ h. Total no. of dependeants ________________


The Principal,

N.E.S. Ratnam College of Arts, Science & Commerce

Bhandup (West), Mumbai – 400078.



I, _________________________________ seek admission in  ________________ class of your college

with the consent of my Parent / Guardian Mr. Mrs. ___________________________________________

a.   I undertake to abide by all the rules and regulations of the college, particularly those relating to to conduct and

discipline, which are in force at present and which may be enforced in future.

b.   I undertake that i will not damage or destroy the college property / mutilate or damage any book issued to me

from the college library.

c.   I understand that I shall not be granted by any term, if my attendance at lectures, tutorials and practicals fall   

short of the minimum prescribed by the university.

d.   I shall not indulge in any kind of activities which will mar the academic atmosphere and prestige of the college.

e.   I know smoking is strictly prohibited in the college premises including canteen.

f.    I know that use of mobile phone in the college premise is punishable as per University guidelines.

g.    I understand that violation of any Discipline Rule’s Will result in removal of my name from the college record

and I agree to it.


                                                                                                                                                  Yours faithfully,


Date                                                                                                                                                   (Applicant’s Signature)







1. I, ___________________________________________  on my part agree to the conditions’s  rules stated above.

2. I, assure you that my ward Mr. / Ms.______________________________________________________________

if admitted, will be regular in attendance at Lectures / Tutorials / Practicals/ Tests / Examinations.

3. In case the attendance / Performance of my ward is / are not satisfactory, he / she may not be granted terms

and he / she may also not be sent for the College / University Exam.

4.  I am aware that violation of any of the Discipline Rule’s by my ward will result in his/her removal from the

college & i agree to it.


Date                                                                                                                                        (Signature of Parent / Guardian)



Document required to be attached

Please Tick (✓)  the documents received

1.  Original Mark sheet of H.S.C. and 2 attested Xerox copies of the same. (only for F.Y.B.A.)

2. Original Leaving Certificate and  2 attested Xerox copies of the same. (only for F.Y.B.A.)

3. 1 attested Xerox copy of S.S.C. Mark sheet. (only for F.Y.B.A.)

4. Original Mark sheets of lower Examinations (F.Y. / T.Y.B.A.) for verification (for S.Y. / T.Y.B.A)

5. 1 attested Xerox copy of mark sheet of the lower examinations. (for S.Y. / T.Y.B.A)

6. Caste certificate and 1 attested Xerox copy (only for students belonging to    SC / ST / DT / NT / VJNT /


7. Affidavit (where there is a break in studies)

8. Students passing the qualifying examination from Board / University other than Maharashtra State

Board / Mumbai University shall be required to attach the following additional certificates along with

above mentioned certificates.

a) Original Migration Certificate and 2 attested xerox copies.

b) Original Transference Certificate and 2 attested xerox copies.

9. NOC / TC in case of students from other Colleges affiliated to University of Mumbai.





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